A Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Certificate is an issued paper document indicating that you have filed the DOT-required UCR Update for your company per regulation FMCSR 367.

The Certificate carries the following benefits:

Fiiling Guarantee Policy: Roadside violations associated with UCR filings(FMCSR 367) will be challanged with a US DOT free of charge.

Confirmation ID Number.
Do you have a confirmation number for paying UCR? Are you certain that it has been filed and approved by the DOT with no errors? The Certificate provides a unique Confirmation ID Number that you can reference as proof that a compliance agent had verified your filing. In addition to the certificate laminated weather-proof ID cards are issued and can be kept in your vehicle(s).

These benefits are only available if obtaining the UCR certificate through the application below.

Federal Regulation CFR 49 367
Processed by Federal Applications Processor Hoffenmer in accordance with UCR.gov mandate and FMCSR 367